Customer Process

If you have spotted a problem or have an issue on any of TPPs products, then you should follow the process below.

F1 Help

The F1 help guide is a comprehensive self help guide that is located on SystmOne. Press the F1 key from anywhere on the system and you can search for a specific phrase or use the Documents tab to find ‘how to guides’ on all the latest functionality.

Local Helpdesk

If you haven’t found what you are looking for in the Online Help, please follow your local helpdesk procedure. All organisations have a local SystmOne helpdesk who will be able to advise further on any functional queries/issues. If you are unsure who to call please contact your CCG/trust for further information.

Please note: TPP provide first line support for practices using the SystmOne GP module under the GPSoC framework. These practices should call 0113 20 500 95 for SystmOne Customer Service.



£681.49 + VAT per day

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If you have any questions get in touch


10am – 4pm



SystmOne has inbuilt Forums for user discussions. Posting a message on SystmOne Forums is like pinning a notice to a corkboard that all SystmOne users can see. They can also respond to your message, adding comments and answering your questions. You don’t have to send or respond to messages to benefit from Forums – you can simply read other people’s discussions or search the archives for previous discussions.

Use SystmOne Forums to talk to other SystmOne users – asking them ‘How to’ questions, sharing best practice or conducting general discussions.


f you wish to escalate about any other TPP or SystmOne issue please call our Customer Liaison Team on 0113 20 500 91. If you are escalating about a system issue that you have already logged with TPP via your local helpdesk route then please ensure you have your reference number handy.

This number should also be used if you wish to escalate about the service provided by your local helpdesk.


If you are a patient wishing to report an issue with the SystmOnline website or app please contact the organisation who registered you for the service, for example your GP practice or community service.

Extra Training

Whether it’s pre- or post-Go Live, if you use our expert Product Specialists, they’ll come to you and train you on the areas that you need training on. It’s as simple as that! They can work with you using only test patients so you don’t even need to worry about making mistakes.

If you would like to organise some training on SystmOne please contact the Deployment Team on
0113 20 500 82.

SystmOne National User Group

The SystmOne National User Group (SNUG) represents SystmOne users of all modules. As well as providing support for SystmOne users they also feedback to TPP on items raised by its members. For more information about the SNUG, please visit

Local Usergroup

SystmOne User Groups are a fantastic way to get together with other SystmOne users and share handy tips and best practice. They are also a great way of finding out about upcoming functionality and discovering different ways of working. Many CCGs, CSUs and trusts organise SystmOne User Groups for their area, but if you don’t have access to one, why not set one up?

If you would like a TPP representative to attend your user group, please send details to

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