SystmOne PAS

SystmOne Patient Administration System (PAS) provides a hospital with a complete system covering all aspects of administrative activity across your hospital, including inpatient and outpatient activity. The SystmOne PAS is designed to work across all departments and can be integrated seamlessly with other SystmOne modules or existing systems.

The PAS allows for easy management of activity as well as helping to eliminate breaches, reduce bottlenecks and facilitate paper-lite or paper free working.

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SystmOne e-Prescribing

SystmOne e-Prescribing offers a complete inpatient and outpatient prescribing, administration and stock control solution designed specifically for a hospital setting.

The functionality available can drastically reduce prescribing errors. It also provides real time decision support, inbuilt drug administration and fully integrated stock control.

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SystmOne e-Discharge

SystmOne e-Discharge is a quick and easy method for the writing and electronic sending of letters, enabling the 24 hour target to be easily met.

Letters can be created, reviewed and amended at any stage of the hospital attendance and automatically populated with the most accurate information.

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SystmOne Bed Management

SystmOne Bed Management allows the efficient management of patient flows across a hospital through real time access to vital bed management information.

The functionality facilitates the elimination of capacity problems and the easy analysis of essential information needed to manage targets and plan resources. It also includes features such as location management tools and dashboards to efficiently manage resources and service performance.

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