What is SystmOne?

SystmOne has been developed with continuous clinical input and has been operational as a single, remotely managed solution for 20 years. We have the world's biggest online database, standing at 1.7 petabytes. Our goal is simple – to provide the recognisably best clinical system and service, in order to deliver our vision of truly integrated healthcare.

It’s a vision we’re passionate about and one we’re already fulfilling.

Uniquely designed from the outset as a secure centralised system, SystmOne is an innovative software solution. With modules for every healthcare setting from primary care to hospitals, social care and mental health, SystmOne provides clinicians and health professionals with a single shared Electronic Health Record (EHR) available in real time at the point of care.

With SystmOne, patient data can be shared securely across services—promoting efficiency and standardisation. Most importantly it enables services to improve the patient experience and deliver safer patient care.

As a complete clinical and administrative solution, SystmOne helps services fully digitalise healthcare and work innovatively.

SystmOne mobile working allows clinicians to work, irrespective of location and even when there is no network connection available, including schools and the patient’s home.

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Patient Records




System Availability


TPP offers a wide range of SystmOne modules to suit any healthcare organisation. Our modules span primary care, hospital, social care and mental health.

All modules include specific functionality to allow each service to meet their targets, work efficiently and deliver the very best patient care. All functionality is included with no hidden costs, enabling your service to become more cost effective.

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