What is SystmConnect?

Where multiple healthcare systems are in use, on a local or national level, SystmConnect can be used to facilitate integrated care.

Data is shared securely across multiple systems, allowing clinicians to monitor the complete patient journey and make more informed decisions about patient care. Information is exchanged between various clinical systems via secure messaging. SystmConnect then provides a front end solution to display a consistent, chronological view of the data.

By storing big data in one centralised database, SystmConnect can also support detailed reporting and analysis across multiple organisations. The rich data facilitates the delivery of best practice, allowing organisations to compare their performance across a care community, identify areas for improvement and measure the success of new processes. It can also be used to target healthcare resources, such as by identifying high risk patient groups or disease outbreaks.

How does SystmConnect work?

SystmConnect uses standard, internationally recognised messaging types (such as HL7) which enable data to be exchanged quickly and securely between systems.

Suppliers link to a centralised data hub and automatically submit data when requested. This data would then be displayed in the front end view of the patient record. If required, TPP could work with you to define your own interface.

There are a number of different ways to implement SystmConnect, depending on your requirements. One example of a leading SystmConnect product, used across the NHS, is EPR Core:

What is EPR Core?

EPR Core can be installed in any hospital trust to enable clinicians to securely access the Electronic Patient Record of any patient. The solution works alongside any existing Patient Administration System (PAS) to provide a seamless patient journey.
Access to the shared EPR allows hospitals to view vital clinical and administrative data from other organisations, based on patient consent. EPR Core is already being used by over 20 organisations across the country. 

What are the benefits of SystmConnect?

  • The potential to use the data collected for big data analysis and research
  • A unified display of the patient record
  • Securely hosted data
  • Keep existing systems
  • The ability to easily integrate new software
  • A scalable, reliable cloud based solution
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