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ScriptSwitch ®, from Optum ®, is the UK’s leading primary care prescribing support tool. 
It is used in thousands of GP practices across the UK, and has been helping to improve patient care and deliver best practice prescribing for more than 10 years.

ScriptSwitch is approved for use in nearly two-thirds of NHS organisations and in 2014-15 helped save over £40 million. It delivered over 11 million cost-savings prescription switch message recommendations and over 28 million prescribing recommendations to improve the safety and quality of prescribing.

Comprised of three key elements, a content management tool, a prescriber message delivery system and an analytic data reporting system, ScriptSwitch is the comprehensive market leader in prescribing support, helping to provide succinct prescribing recommendations, based on local guidance and national recommendations, for healthcare workers at the point of prescribing.

A content management tool enables medicines management teams to author local prescribing recommendations more efficiently.

The justification for recommendations can be based upon any criteria deemed relevant by the local medicines management team, such as safety notices, clinical evidence or cost effectiveness. Recommendations may contain hyperlinks to resources such as clinical data, patient information leaflets, national guidelines or formulary lists and can be quickly and easily added, edited and disseminated to all prescribers within hours of CCG approval.

For more information on ScriptSwitch visit our website, or contact Optum on 020 7121 0560 or by email info@optum.co.uk.


The integration with seca’s wireless scales software allows weight and height measurements to be wirelessly transmitted directly into the patient record within SystmOne. The software is compatible with all Seca 360 wireless scales and height measures.


CSIS Ltd has developed, StoppStart™, a decision support software which identifies elderly patients on potential inappropriate medications, which can lead to hospital admissions due to adverse drug events. StoppStart™ software was developed by CSIS’s R&D team in collaboration with University College Cork and Cork University Hospital, where the STOPP/START criteria were drafted and refined by Consultant Geriatrician, Dr Denis O’Mahony, and his team. 

CSIS has commercial links with University College Cork. Dr Denis O’Mahany and his team have worked closely with CSIS in developing StoppStart™, which applies the STOPP/START criteria. StoppStart™ Analytics provides retrospective analytics for GPs and CCGs.


Sunquest software (formerly Anglia ICE) integrates with SystmOne to allow users linked to a pathology lab to electronically request pathology tests. Requests can be made and easily tracked within SystmOne, reducing scope for human error.