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Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine is an online clinical knowledge resource that provides specialist level information to healthcare professionals across all settings. A simple right click from SystmOne leads clinicians to the map, providing a shared vision of the patient journey. It supplies online access during consultations to comprehensive, current, evidence-based medicine in an easy to use visual format.

MDI Solutions

MDI Solutions helps Trusts convert Clinical Correspondence for ICE which is then made directly available in TPP System One. These processes are supporting 100s of GP Practices that roll up to Royal Derby Foundation Trust, Warrington & Halton Hills, Basildon & Thurrock, Chesterfield.

Core to the solution is MD Link which is a flexible middle ware supporting hospitals & vendors for use cases ranging from bi-directional lab interfaces, radiology interfaces/ DICOM Broker & document conversion.


Medvivo's ‘Surgery Pod’ allows patients to take routine tests and perform questionnaires without the need for a clinical appointment. The results from the Surgery Pod then automatically populate into the patients record on SystmOne.


MHRA’s Yellow Card service allows adverse drug reactions to be recorded from within SystmOne, without the need to be redirected to a URL.

MIT Dynamic Technologies

MIT Provide a Bi-Directional SMS Gateway, called MiSMS, that integrates seamlessly into the TPP SystmOne Patient booking system to give appointment reminders via SMS text message, and process confirmations and cancellations automatically.

The use of this solution reduces DNA’s significantly, allowing valuable appointment schedules to be automatically re-allocated to other patients, whilst all messages and replies are logged without any patient details being recorded in order to ensure security and data protection.

This solution is not reliant on the NHS.NET email service, and utilises a local GSM module and SIM Card to enable the sending and receiving of SMS notifications without any additional costs to the practice*, and automates de-scheduling within SystmOne when patients cancel their appointments by replying to the text messages they receive.

*Subject to your mobile contract


MJog provides advanced patient communications that deliver appointment reminders, recalls and health campaign messages automatically via SMS, voice or email, and allows patients to automatically cancel appointments reducing DNA rates by up to 50 per cent. 

The service can help to achieve QOF and DES targets, increase patient awareness of your services and improve clinic attendance through Health Campaign Manager using customisable, and pre-configured chronic disease message templates. Offering a variety of services to practices, MJog’s Patient Messaging Services include unlimited two way free reminder and campaign text messages, using NHS Mail. 

All patient communications and responses are reported back automatically into SystmOne using Read Codes.