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LumiraDx Care Solutions is the home of INRstar anticoagulation decision support software. With twenty years’ delivering INRstar to the NHS, we’re now developing care solutions which put the individual at the centre of their care management, learning about their condition and participating in the improvement of their health outcomes.

Our solutions are smart because they connect data between our patient app, monitoring devices and the clinical record so the right decisions can be made at the right time by the right people – based on fast, accurate information.

INRstar is the market leading software for anticoagulation management, designed to improve patient outcomes whilst making anticoagulation services safe, effective and cost efficient.

INRstar provides complete anticoagulation decision support for both traditional oral anticoagulants and the newer oral drugs in over 2,700 locations across the UK.

Our users choose INRstar because it improves patient time in therapeutic range and clinical quality, and is fully compliant with rigorous standards including IS027001 and the European Medical Device Directive.

L2S2 Medical

L2S2 Medical specialise in the design and manufacture of products that allow clinicians and nurses to provide safe, expert care in NHS hospitals, independent clinics, GP practices and home treatment. Integration with SystmOne allows L2S2’s specialist triage tools to be pre-populated with patient information and to put Read codes and treatment summaries back into the record.


LabelTrace is an easy-to-use labelling system which operates directly from SystmOne to print many styles of labels and forms, including pathology, address and recall labels, eliminating the need to fill these in by hand. 

A range of printers are supported, including Zebra, Brother and Dymo printers as well as any standard Windows printer. The LabelTrace appointment card system similarly works directly from the Systmone appointment book to produce crisp, legible appointment cards which enhance the professional image of the practice with no additional effort.


LEDsynergy (formerly PolyComp) is a market leader in Electronic LED Message Display Systems. Their range includes single, bi-line and multi-line displays, clocks, counters, scoreboards, exchange rate and full colour graphic boards. LEDsynergy display boards linked to SystmOne provide useful patient call information in the reception or waiting room area.


Lexacom’s digital dictation software Lexacom 3 is designed to help you lighten the workload, improve efficiency, accuracy and patient safety. 

Lexacom 3, is the ideal solution for organisations including GP Practices, Federations, CCGs, NHS Trusts and specialist providers. Lexacom 3 can be configured specifically for any organisational structure’s requirements and integrating Lexacom Echo, our Speech Recognition software, Lexacom Mobile, Outsourced Transcription and Print to Post services we can provide a complete end to end workflow solution. With the use of our secure cloud technology, Lexacom users can work as a team and share work across branches or multiple sites.

Approved by TPP, Lexacom 3 allows users to tag the dictation with accurate patient information from SystmOne. Core details including patient name and NHS number will allow clinicians to easily identify the relevant consultation and enables a more integrated way of working.