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Carefusion’s Spirometry PC Software (SPCS) links with SystmOne to allow quick and efficient testing of patients for lung function tests. The patient’s demographic details are pulled from SystmOne into SPCS and once the testing is complete the results are sent back to SystmOne. Please contact our UK business partner Williams Medical Supplies for further information.


Crescendo provide Digital Dictation, Voice Recognition & Referral Management solutions to tens of thousands of NHS users. As an approved partner of TPP for over 4 years, our seamless integration with SystmOne ensures the correct labelling of patient demographics into every dictation header which speeds up the dictation process and eliminates typing errors. Each time the dictation is edited or transcribed, the corresponding patient records is automatically loaded in SystmOne ensuring the correct patient is selected every time.

Crescendo’s fully integrated Voice Recognition solution allows Doctors to voice activate SystmOne to navigate around the patient screens and speak their consultation notes rather than typing them. Speed and accuracy is improved all round, even when creating emails and searching the web. Medical terminology and drug names are built in to eliminate spelling errors. To extend the benefits of digital dictation even further by voice recognising the doctors dictation prior to transcription. Now all the secretary has to do is correct a minor mistake rather than type each referral from scratch.

With our built in Referral Management and reporting module you can easily track, analyse and control your secondary care referrals whilst saving clinicians and support staff time and improving your document turnaround times by up to 40%.