Proposed solution to ‘111 First’ for Emergency Departments

01 Aug 2020

TPP has an integrated solution for Emergency Departments that facilitates with the transfer of patients from 111 call centres. With the proposed introduction of a ‘111 First’ model to be rolled out this winter, TPP has evaluated how SystmOne and existing interoperability capabilities can assist Emergency Departments in this process. The proposed changes will require patients to ring 111 prior to attending A&E in most circumstances.

Using the NHS Digital GP Connect interoperability programme, the mechanisms for transferring patients between 111 systems and SystmOne Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs) and Emergency Departments (ED) already exist. These, combined with established 111 CDA messaging, can provide continuity of care across 111 and urgent care settings.

Upon calling 111, patients with the relevant triage outcome will need to be booked into a suitable UTC or ED. The majority of 111 suppliers have the existing capability to utilise the GP Connect appointment booking FHIR messages to book directly into SystmOne, eradicating the need for patients (or 111 operators) to call the ED/UTC themselves. 

Within the SystmOne ED/UTC module, the number of available appointments can be configured by the organisation; giving extra layers of control on the number of patients who could attend at any one time. Once the appointment has been booked into by 111, either a pending attendance or an Out of Hours (OOH) case will be created automatically using the subsequent 111 CDA message.

From the moment the patient arrives at the ED/UTC, the full 111 triage is available within the patient record. The full GP record is also always available, either through SystmOne sharing controls or the GP Connect HTML View programme that enables EMIS patient records to be viewed in SystmOne. These mechanisms ensure that continuity of care can be assured and patient experience vastly improved.

 Upon discharge, should a patient require follow-up care in the community, the GP Connect standards can also be used to book appointments directly into GP practices and other care settings.

 For more information on how SystmOne could assist ED/UTC organisations with the 111 first model, please ring TPP on 0113 20 500 83.