Inside TPP event

13 Mar 2020 Event News

We are sorry to announce that we have decided to postpone this event. This is not a decision we have taken lightly. In the current situation our responsibility is to focus on managing and maintaining the technical infrastructure our users across the NHS rely on. In addition to this, we are introducing new solutions to support video consultations and remote working.

These are clearly difficult times for everyone in healthcare and a number of people have already withdrawn, to focus on the coronavirus response in their area. We are currently planning one-hour webinars for both Wednesday and Thursday next week. These will concentrate on digital approaches to the coronavirus pandemic. Details will follow soon. We will look to reschedule the main event when things are clearer.

These are going to be difficult times for us all - good luck everyone. Thanks for all you do.

For more information about how TPP can support your organisation in response to COVID-19, please see here.