Matthew Stickland

Director of Strategy & Communications

Matthew's major responsibilities are for communications and company strategy. He joined TPP in 2015 after completing his Master of Research degree in Algerian History at the University of Leeds. He has extensive experience in software analysis and deployment in the UK and overseas, in particular in China and the Middle East. Amongst other languages, he speaks fluent Arabic, French, and Italian.

Matthew has a keen interest in global healthcare policy, especially the opportunities presented by new technology, such as mobile devices and Artificial Intelligence. He has spoken about healthcare strategy on numerous platforms, including recent talks at the Kings Fund and at the National Public Health conference in Qatar. His current focus is on the effective use of Personal Health Records to help redefine healthcare delivery. Matthew also holds a position as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Bradford Institute of Health Research (BIHR) and works closely with the team delivering the Born-in-Bradford project.

Alongside his roles in strategy and analysis, Matthew is also responsible for all external communications, for building the company’s public image, and for helping to seek out new opportunities for global development.