TPP is a cutting-edge software company based in Leeds. We’re revolutionising healthcare across the world with our pioneering research and technology solutions.

We’re doing some amazing things here at TPP, and we have some life-saving, global projects coming up. That’s why we’re looking for super intelligent, geeky graduates like you for our Software Developer and Graduate Analyst roles. We don’t require any previous experience and we offer incredible starting salaries of £40,000. 

You will be working on initiatives such as implementing our clinical software solution globally, developing innovative app technology and carrying out ground breaking research projects. If you’re a natural problem solver and have a burning desire to make a difference to the world, we need you!

We know that your time is precious – and that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to apply. There’s no need to include a cover letter in your application – just send over your CV! 


  • An A*AA at A Level
  • A 2.1 degree from any discipline (achieved or expected)

No experience required.

Software Developer

You will be a part of an agile, fast-paced development environment, working on a wide variety of pioneering projects across the world.

A*AA (A* in Maths)


Graduate Analyst

You will be responsible for scoping, designing and implementing first of type technology which will change lives across the world.



Account Manager

As an Account Manager, you will be responsible for driving the strategic direction of the company. You will also continually establish and maintain excellent working relationships with all levels of the NHS and with other international healthcare organisations.



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