TPP Launches its New Online Service – SystmOnline


 TPP is pleased to announce that the pilot phase of SystmOnline is now complete and the service is available to all SystmOne GP organisations.

SystmOnline is a new in-built feature of SystmOne that allows existing patients to manage appointments, order repeat prescriptions and change contact details and enables new patients to self-register on the internet. Use of this service is free of charge to both practices and patients.

Saltaire Medical Centre, Shipley, is one of the practices that has been piloting SystmOnline. Catherine Darlington, Business Manager, says, “The SystmOnline service has surpassed our expectations. As a pilot site, we’ve worked closely with TPP and we’re really grateful that they have listened and adapted it using our ideas. We think the service is very user friendly, and patients have said the same. As soon as they’ve picked up their password from reception, they’re up and running.”

Catherine continues, “We’ve publicised it in every way possible – front line reception staff, doctors handing out fliers, in our newsletter, linked to our website, on our call board, putting up posters. It’s a really easy thing to sell, patients are amazed they can have this level of access. They are generally surprised they can book an appointment even when we are closed. We are pleased we can offer this amount of access choice.”

Ashley Brook, TPP Customer Relationships Manager, says, “The launch of SystmOnline is significant as it allows GP practices to provide a new service to their patients, making the practice accessible 24 hours a day. We’ve worked hard to make sure that the service is free of charge to both practices and patients because that means that all of our customers in General Practice can benefit from it. We know that a lot of our customers are looking forward to using SystmOnline and so we’re pleased that it is now available to them.”

If you work in General Practice and use SystmOne, you can get setup to use SystmOnline straightaway. Just call TPP on 0113 20 500 80. A full guide to SystmOnline has been made available to SystmOne users.

About SystmOnline


  • Appointment booking
    Patients can book and cancel appointments online.
    They can also view past and future appointments. 
  • Repeat prescriptions
    Patients can view and request repeat prescriptions online. 
  • Change contact details Patients can submit changes to their postal address, telephone numbers and email address. 
  • Self registration
    New patients can register their basic details online and print out a GMS1 form. 

Benefits for patients
SystmOnline is simple to use and offers patients more flexible options.
It is of particular use to busy patients, patients who wish to take care of things outside normal office hours and those needing to urgently book an advance appointment.
Patients not on the internet can also benefit indirectly as a reduction in telephone calls should make the practice more accessible.

Benefits for practices
SystmOnline brings time and efficiency benefits to the practice.
Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Reception staff can concentrate on providing an improved service.
A comprehensive audit trail enables the practice to monitor activity and log-in details can be revoked should there be concern over a patient’s use.
The system has been CFH accredited and is fully secure.