Friday 19 December 2014

Hospital – a full EPR

SystmOne Hospital is a complete centrally hosted system for your entire hospital – designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and encourage streamlined working. By providing a detailed shared electronic patient record (EPR), SystmOne Hospital can significantly improve patient care across departments.

The SystmOne Hospital solution includes the following modules, PAS (including outpatients), Bed Management, E-Discharge, E-Prescribing, Clinical Record Viewer (CRV) and A&E.

 Why choose SystmOne for my hospital?

SystmOne is the only system that can offer your hospital the potential to join up patient care across primary, secondary and social care. Our ‘one patient, one record’ ethos means that no matter the care setting, clinicans have access to appropriate information about a patient. SystmOne hospital covers all activity across all departments (from prescribing to emergency admissions) providing a complete integrated care solution. Designed to be completely configurable and flexible, SystmOne can be utilised to meet the demands of any hospital department – eliminating the need for expensive add ons.

A real shared EPR

With SystmOne Hospital, you get a shared EPR across all your services, available for inpatient wards, emergency departments and outpatient clinics.

Based on patient consent, a single patient record is available to any healthcare professional in your hospital to enter clinical data throughout the patient journey. The shared patient record details every contact the patient has ever had with your hospital – including emergency admissions – ensuring detailed clinical information is always available.

The SystmOne shared EPR enables two-way communication with SystmOne primary and social care services in your area. Your hospital will be able to view (based on patient consent) a full patient record from any other SystmOne service (excluding Prisons) which can include details of current medications and allergies. Clinical information entered in to the EPR by your hospital can also be made available to any other SystmOne organisation caring for a patient, alerting them to vital changes in a patient’s care.

How does it work?

The SystmOne Hospital modules are completely flexible in how they can be deployed. Depending on the needs of your service, you can decide how minimal or extensive your EPR will be.

Each module works together seamlessly to provide real shared care across healthcare settings.

Want to deploy specific modules?

Each SystmOne module has been designed to be completely interoperable with one another. So, no matter which module combination you select, you can be assured that they fit together to support your processes. Even if your organisation is just looking for one module to fit with existing systems, SystmOne can work for you.

Want a complete solution?

All the SystmOne Hospital modules are completely interoperable with your current hospital systems.

For real streamlined working and a cost effective solution, deploy full SystmOne Hospital. All modules are deployed together to meet the needs of every aspect of your hospital. Take advantage of full interaction with other SystmOne organisations in your area and realise the benefits of a real shared EPR.

No matter which option you go for, TPP will work with your hospital to ensure that your chosen module fits perfectly with the way your services work. Our dedicated teams are there to assist at every stage of the deployment to make sure your go live is as smooth as possible. Every feature of our system is fully integrated with no hidden costs.

Working with HIMSS

TPP are actively working with the HIMSS European Adoption Model to ensure SystmOne can provide the highest possible rating for your hospital.

To find out more about the SystmOne suite of secondary care products, please book a demo here.

Please note: Any patient data shown on this website is ficticious and is displayed for example purposes only.