Wednesday 28 January 2015

SystmOne: Community


SystmOne Community allows patient information to be shared electronically between a variety of healthcare professionals. The ability to gain immediate access to clinical data means community professionals from a variety of services can work seamlessly together to deliver the best patient care. SystmOne is so configurable that whatever the structure or size of a community service, specific needs can always be met.

Monthly Planner

 • Use the monthly planner to gain the workflow overview of a service.
 • Filter by staff member, team or entire unit.
 • Print off a visit list and filter visits according to specific care plans.

Care Plans

• Tailor a care plan to a specific individual and apply it to any aspect of patient care.
• Create templates that can be easily amended and also shared with all clinicians in your organisation. 



• Create patient directed goals based around numeric Read codes.
• Track individual patient progress and be instantly informed whenever goals have been achieved.


• Monitor workloads across various services, health authorities or PCTs.
• Place patients in multiple caseloads and easily transfer them from one caseload to another.

 Advanced Reporting

• Report on detailed data such as referral reasons and waiting times.
• Run reports for each discipline, team or caseload holder in order to spot trends.
• Use specialised Community reports to allow for reporting on Körner statistics and MDS extracts.

To find out more about SystmOne Community, please book a demo here.

Please note: Any patient data shown on this website is ficticious and is displayed for example purposes only.