Tim (BA & MA Philosophy – Durham University)

I graduated in 2012 after 4 years of Philosophy and had no idea what to do next. TPP’s advert caught my attention because of the ‘No Experience Required’ and chance to improve and link up healthcare. I thought it was a good opportunity to do something worthwhile, so I gave it a go.

From the start I was thrust into a team and picked up coding very quickly. It’s a hands-on approach and I love it. You learn a lot and 3 years later I am still learning every day. All the skills I learned in my degree became part of my job. We always have an eye on the healthcare side of things and within months of working at TPP I was making changes that had a real impact on people working in healthcare settings.

One of the major attractions was moving to Leeds. It’s so close to the Yorkshire Dales and there is plenty of night life, it’s an ideal mix of countryside and the buzz of a city. It’s a great area to go cycling and walking, and there’s also a load of beer festivals in the area.  It’s a fantastic place to live and work.


Rebecca (MMath – University of Oxford)

I’ve been working at TPP for a year and a half now as a Software Developer. At university I always preferred tutorials with fewer students to massive lectures. The smaller classes felt more personal and asking questions helped me enormously. I feel like TPP’s teaching style of being able to grab anyone to ask questions whenever they come up is very similar. Everyone is really approachable and you quickly find that you are able to help people who started after you, which makes you realise how much you’re learning!

I also really like the social side of the company. At university it’s so easy to meet new people that I was worried about moving to an area I didn’t know as well (I moved from the south coast!), but with an average age of 28 and a free bar tab every Friday, it would be difficult not to make friends. There’s a train that goes from work direct to the centre of Leeds right after we finish, so most days you can find people to go to the cinema with or who want to take advantage of the late night shopping!


Ankit (MA Natural Sciences – University of Cambridge)

Following my genetics undergrad and a couple of research jobs in Cambridge and Oxford, I decided I was ready to start on a career in research genetics. With a couple of PhD offers in hand, I realised I had spent my entire life bouncing around the South East and I really ought to see what the North was like – so I accepted a genetics PhD in Leeds. A year and a half in, it became obvious to me that a lifetime focusing on and becoming an expert in a tiny area of science, working ridiculously long hours at the whim of delicate experiments, chasing funding more than fundamental questions and having very little impact on the real world was not for me!

A few months spent soul searching and reminiscing about the fun and satisfaction I’d gotten from tinkering with computers during my teens (almost exclusively to play games…) and I committed to a new career in IT. Further months passed unsuccessfully applying for programming jobs, and I was on the verge of getting another loan out to go back to university when I found TPP’s job advert (“No experience required!”).

Ten years later and I’m still here. I’ve fulfilled my dream of using technology to improve the human condition and more so, found a place where you’re hired for the person you are and what you can achieve, rather than for what you know. TPP is a place where you’re not working for someone, but instead working with a lovely bunch of like minded people to build great things.

I now have a fifteen minute leafy stroll to the office rather than a horrific commute. My northern experiment turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.


Paul (BA Music – University of Cambridge)

The thing that first enticed me to apply for my job at TPP was the opportunity to make a genuine difference to people’s lives, and since joining the company in January 2016, I haven’t been disappointed!  The work is incredibly challenging and varied (there’s never a dull moment at TPP!), and I love the emphasis on good relations with colleagues; Pub Fridays are a regular feature of my week!  Since starting, I’ve learned lots about SystmOne and about healthcare in general.  I also feel that I’ve already made a contribution to the company in just a few months!

I live in a shared house in Horsforth, about 15 minutes’ walk from the office.  The town itself is very beautiful, and Leeds city centre is about 20 minutes away by car or train, so it really is the best of both worlds – the vibrancy of a city that never sleeps and rolling country hills are both on my doorstep!  I used to imagine myself having a future career in the London area, but in the short time I’ve lived up here, I’ve decided that I never want to leave Leeds.


Louis (BSc Physics – University of Leeds)

I finished university in 2012.  At that point all I knew was that I didn’t want to move back home. Leeds is such a lively city, and I didn’t want to give up my regular walks in the Yorkshire Dales nearby. I found out about TPP just before my graduation and, to be quite honest, didn’t know what to expect. Who knows what to expect of any job fresh out of uni?

The staff I talked to when I applied for the job were really helpful. I found out about all of the amazing benefits that TPP offers, and the uncommonly collaborative way that everyone works together. I secured a job as Software Developer before I even got my final year results, which was a great stress off my mind, and I’ve never looked back!

A day in the life is always difficult to write because, as a Software Developer, my day is always so varied. Developers are involved in all parts of the development process, from scoping and planning, to writing, testing and deploying the code. As well as the normal development parts of my job, we are all able to get involved in different tasks from across the company. You can pick up as many of these as you like. I personally get stuck in with planning social events and going to recruitment fairs, as well as being in charge of fire marshalling for the building.

After my interview I was told it wasn’t a job I was being offered, it was a career. The time has flown by since then and I can definitely see myself staying for years to come. I’m sure I will have a long and fruitful career at TPP.


Suzie (BSc Mathematics – University of York)

When I graduated last year, I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of job I was looking for. I wanted to be challenged and given responsibility alongside the opportunity to use my languages. I started working at TPP this year as an Analyst and immediately felt welcome joining a team developing new functionality for SystmOne.

As soon as you start you are treated as an important member of the team. The weeks have really flown by, and this is due in part to the variety of each day. I love knowing that my work has a positive impact, and the company is heading in a very exciting direction on an international scale.

After a few weeks in the company, I was approached about becoming a Software Developer. Given the opportunity to shadow one as a taster, I realised how much the role suited the way I think. I never truly believed the ‘no experience required’ advert but it is so true!

The atmosphere at TPP is really friendly and everyone is always willing to help. The whole company works together so whether you’re an Analyst or a Software Developer, we’re all working towards the same goal.


Martin (PhD Physics – University of Warwick)

After finishing my PhD, I realised that I didn’t want to stay in academia but still wanted to do something worthwhile. I found an advert for the Software Developer job at TPP and although I hadn’t done much programming, I thought it sounded like an interesting job doing something that would make a positive difference in the world.

When I started at the company, I was above the average age (and found out in the first few days that I’d taught another coder who had been working here for 3 years!) but that made no difference. Everybody is committed to their role and your value at the company isn’t based on how long you’ve been here or the qualifications you possess. I found it refreshing and exciting to start learning new skills and that the experience I had from my PhD helped me fit into the role and the company.

Within the first year I was put in charge of sizeable projects, including translating our patient facing website, and became one of the most knowledgeable people about several areas of the system. Three years on and I’m still learning every day. Having moved around several different areas of the coding team, I now have a good overview of all of the different areas of the team. The work is always varied: from a couple of months improving our prescribing functionality, to a few weeks of speeding up the system, to my current work seeing our first social care migration through from the start.

I also enjoy being close to a modern city like Leeds. There’s a great choice of food and drink around (especially for beer lovers!), and there always seems to be something different going on.


Luke (MEng Informatics – University of Cambridge)

I grew up in Bradford (a few miles from Leeds) and after graduating in 2009, I was determined to get back to my Yorkshire roots. I saw TPP’s advert next to one of the Engineering Department vending machines, noted down the details and sent off my application. Soon after, I received a call from one of the Software Developers at TPP, we had a quick chat and I immediately realised it was the place for me. After my interview and job offer, I even had the chance to go travelling around the USA for a few months before beginning my new career.

Within about two weeks of starting I was given the challenge of improving how SystmOne’s appointment booking process worked. I remember how great it was to work on something so important that early on in my career, and I also remember how good my new teammates were at teaching and helping me through something which was, to be honest, a very daunting task for someone fairly new to coding!

After six years at TPP, I can honestly say that I’m still given challenging work. Recently I led a team in charge of testing our Disaster Recovery solution that involved co-ordinating with lots of different teams across the company. The project was really successful and I’m very proud of the part I played.

For developers, TPP is a genuinely unique place to work. I am not just asked to write code in a cubicle – for example, in the last two years I’ve become responsible for our developer recruitment strategy, led Health Bureau meetings in China and performed several sessions at our national user group conference. I still love writing code but for me, it’s the combination of technical work alongside everything else which keeps me working at TPP.


Pippa (BSc Mathematics & Physics – Durham University)

I started working at TPP shortly after I graduated. I had never done any coding before but everyone here is very helpful and supportive and I was writing code from my first week. When you first start you are learning something new all the time and the work is both challenging and rewarding. This means that I am never bored, and also that I get a lot of personal satisfaction from my work.

I moved away my family and friends to start here, but there were lots of other graduates starting around the same time so we naturally grouped together; this made moving much easier for me. A lot of us tend to go to the pub after work on a Friday (and take full advantage of the free tab!) which is a great way to get to know people.

It’s impossible to describe day-to-day work here because it’s so fast-paced and each day brings something new. I’ve worked on lots of different projects in the company, and most recently spent time on the China project. After having worked on UK projects, it was fascinating to see a completely different approach to healthcare and it’s really satisfying to have a part in designing a system that will improve patient care across the world.