TPP offers a wide range of SystmOne modules to suit any healthcare organisation. Our modules span primary care, hospitals, social care and mental health.

All modules include specific functionality to allow each service to meet their targets, work efficiently and deliver the very best patient care. All functionality is included with no hidden costs, enabling your service to become more cost effective.

Primary Care

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Child Health
Urgent Care
Community Hospital
Palliative Care
Care Homes
Offender Health

SystmOne GP

SystmOne GP is used by more than 2,500 practices across England. It helps you maximise QOF points, streamline your work processes and most importantly, allows clinicians to concentrate on patient care.

SystmOne GP includes all the functionality you need including; intuitive appointments, protocols, advanced clinical tools and reports for commissioning and monitoring, as well as full integrated document management with OCR.

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SystmOne Community

Used by more than 2,000 community services, SystmOne Community is completely configurable to allow the delivery of connected, efficient healthcare.

With tailored care plans and patient directed goals, care is completely centred around individuals – regardless of the size or structure of the service.

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SystmOne Child Health

SystmOne Child Health manages every aspect of child health from birth to 18 years of age. Clinicians can view and add information to the electronic record, sharing this with GP practices to provide connected healthcare for children.

SystmOne Child Health incorporates key functionality including flexible scheduling, new patient identifiers for babies, reporting and blood spot integration.

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SystmOne Urgent Care

SystmOne Urgent Care consists of three different modules: Call Centre, Primary Care Centre and Minor Injuries (MIU). Each of these can be deployed separately, or used together to suit the specific needs of a service, from single point of access services to 111 providers.

Each module allows services to monitor targets and activity and share workloads as well as work remotely. SystmOne Urgent Care promotes the better organisation of patient flow to easily provide appropriate patient responses.

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SystmOne Community Hospital

SystmOne Community Hospital is a complete clinical and administrative system that can be used across an entire community hospital. Functionality can be customised to suit the size and type of services your hospital provides.

The module provides a full Patient Administration System (PAS) as well as intelligent scheduling to enable your community hospital to provide the best possible service to your patients.

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SystmOne Palliative Care

SystmOne Palliative is designed to make end of life care as smooth and patient-centred as possible. The module facilitates the secure sharing of information between organisations and takes the stress out of necessary administration tasks.

The module is complete with all the functionality needed by any hospice, incorporating bed management, medicine control, full mandatory audits and financial planning.

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Elderly care

SystmOne Care Homes

In addition to supporting the delivery of care across the NHS and social care services, TPP also offer our new SystmOne Care Home solution. This allows care home staff to see the shared clinical record for those in residential care, and improves communication with health services. The Care Home module increases efficiencies, empowers residents, and supports care home staff in providing the most appropriate, individualised care.

TPP are offering this solution free of charge across the UK, in an attempt to improve the quality of care for some of the NHS’ most vulnerable patients.

Please e-mail for the full care homes information pack.

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SystmOne Offender Health

SystmOne Offender Health covers a range of modules designed specifically to support care in custodial settings. TPP deliver the National Prison Contract, as well as modules for services such as custody suites and secure children’s homes.  With functionality including specialised prescribing and NOMIS integrations, our offender health modules facilitate the provision of continuous, appropriate care for those moving between custodial and community settings.

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Secondary Care

  • SystmOne will enhance care for our patients, especially those who, at the point of admissions, are too sick to give the information themselves.

    Chief Operating Officer NHS Foundation Trust

SystmOne Hospital is a complete solution for an entire hospital designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and encourage streamlined working. A detailed, shared Electronic Patient Record (EPR) can significantly improve patient care across departments, and improve links with primary care (including GPs), social care and mental health services.

The SystmOne Hospital modules are designed to cover every activity within a hospital from electronic prescribing to emergency admissions providing a complete integrated solution. The modules also encompass location management tools and dashboards for the effective management of activity across a hospital trust.

The deployment process for SystmOne Hospital is completely flexible, depending on how extensive an EHR needs to be. No matter which combination of modules you select, they will fit together to match a trust’s processes.

All the SystmOne Hospital modules are completely interoperable with existing hospital systems, designed to promote efficiency and avoid the duplication of activity.

SystmOne PAS

SystmOne Patient Administration System (PAS) provides a hospital with a complete system covering all aspects of administrative activity across your hospital, including inpatient and outpatient activity. The SystmOne PAS is designed to work across all departments and can be integrated seamlessly with other SystmOne modules or existing systems.

The PAS allows for easy management of activity as well as helping to eliminate breaches, reduce bottlenecks and facilitate paper-lite or paper free working.

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SystmOne e-Prescribing

SystmOne e-Prescribing offers a complete inpatient and outpatient prescribing, administration and stock control solution designed specifically for a hospital setting.

The functionality available can drastically reduce prescribing errors. It also provides real time decision support, inbuilt drug administration and fully integrated stock control.

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SystmOne e-Discharge

SystmOne e-Discharge is a quick and easy method for the writing and electronic sending of letters, enabling the 24 hour target to be easily met.

Letters can be created, reviewed and amended at any stage of the hospital attendance and automatically populated with the most accurate information.

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SystmOne Bed Management

SystmOne Bed Management allows the efficient management of patient flows across a hospital through real time access to vital bed management information.

The functionality facilitates the elimination of capacity problems and the easy analysis of essential information needed to manage targets and plan resources. It also includes features such as location management tools and dashboards to efficiently manage resources and service performance.

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SystmOne ED

SystmOne ED allows emergency departments to provide seamless 24/7 support and help achieve the 4 hour target.

Designed to be quick and simple to use, the functionality allows easy tracking of activity and provides efficient management of patient flow through a department.

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SystmOne EHR Core

SystmOne: EHR Core can be installed in any hospital trust to enable clinicians to securely access the Electronic Health Record of any patient. The solution works alongside any existing Patient Administration System (PAS) to provide a seamless patient journey.

Access to the shared EHR allows hospitals to view vital clinical and administrative data from other organisations, based on patient consent.

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SystmOne Mental Health

  • SystmOne will create a truly integrated electronic record that will be essential for ensuring good patient care and will help clinicians better treat and care for the people of Plymouth.

    Dr Andrew Sant Medical Director, Plymouth Community Healthcare
  • Including the mental health module just made sense, SystmOne is the most suitable to our needs and provides the integration we wanted. We’re really excited for patients to have one record across Plymouth. Joining up patient care through SystmOne is a huge step forward for patient care.

    Graham Sykes, Head of IT and Programme Director Plymouth Community Healthcare

SystmOne Mental Health allows the management of every aspect of patient care from referral to discharge, including inpatients and outpatients. Staff can easily record all information related to the Mental Health Act as well as observations and care plans.

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SystmOne Social Care

  • Locally, we have made real progress with the integration of health and social care. The introduction of the new Integrated Care Record will mean that we are building on this; ensuring that where we have the consent of the service user, we use information that is held within their care record to assist with delivering the most appropriate and effective care.

    Councillor Ian Lindley North East Lincolnshire Council Portfolio Holder

SystmOne Social Care enables services to share vital information about a client with other clinicians who are involved in their care. It is designed to save time and enhance the provision of care with advanced functionality that allows the easy recording of assessments and evaluations.

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SystmOne Mobile Working


TPP’s mobile solution for Windows allows seamless online/offline working on the move. Mobile Working provides the same functionality you would be able to access on the normal system, rather than limited, stripped down tools, saving staff time and enabling them to work as efficiently away from base as they do at their organisation.

Mobile working is currently available for our GP, community, urgent care and palliative modules, and uses a standard internet connection. TPP is also currently developing mobile solutions for Android and Apple.

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Referrals Abroad

International Referrals

SystmOne referrals abroad is a fully integrated solution allowing healthcare organisations to electronically refer their patients to treatment centres abroad.

The solution benefits the patient, the referring organisation, the provider organisation, and any other relevant teams involved in patient care.

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