TPP and TeleMedic Systems are delighted to announce a unique spirometry integration with Spanish company Sibel S.A. SystmOne has been integrated with TeleMedic’s vital signs monitor, VitalLink3, since 2008. This new development creates a unique loop of information from SystmOne, to VitalLink3 to SibelMed’s DATOSPIR MICRO and back again, reducing the scope for human error.
The system works by connecting the VitalLink3 monitor to the TeleMedic Systems Clinical Interface software running on a clinician’s PC. Next the clinician opens the patient record on SystmOne and the patient operates the DATOSPIR MICRO Bluetooth spirometer. The VitalLink3 receives the data from the DATOSPIR MICRO which is then displayed on the clinical interface, patient data from SystmOne is then retrieved and the Clinical interface performs the necessary calculations. The clinician reviews the results to make sure the test is good and selects the option to ‘populate the record’; all calculations are then automatically recorded back into SystmOne.

A spirometer usually has to be manually programmed by a clinician with a patient’s demographic data, this takes time and an opportunity for error exists.  By ensuring that the necessary data is passed straight from SystmOne to the VitalLink software, the integration provides a digital flow that is quick, efficient and minimises mistakes. The companies have been demonstrating the functionality to several organisations across England and are delighted that some systems are now in operation. Telemedic now hope to continue to expand the capabilities of this open platform to meet any emerging requirements from the NHS.

“In numerous discussions with the NHS their desire to have a way to monitor the condition of patients suffering from COPD became abundantly clear,” says Gerry Buss COO of TeleMedic Systems. “We discussed the requirements with Sibel S.A. and realised that the data needed to make the system work effectively for the clinician could be pulled from SystmOne.” Working in close collaboration, the three Companies completed the integration in a few weeks and started demonstrating the capability to the NHS and offender health shortly thereafter.

TPP Company Director, Neil Toner, says “This integration is fairly simple, yet the benefits it gives to patients with long term conditions, and the clinicians caring for them, are huge. Anything that can work to reduce human error and increase speed and efficiency in the workplace is a very valuable addition.”