Friday 19 December 2014

SystmOne Child Health

SystmOne Child Health is an innovative and radically different computer system that enables Primary Care Organisations and GP practices to efficiently manage every aspect of child health care administration from birth to the age of 18.

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At TPP, we have worked closely with clinicians and administrators to establish their precise child health care requirements and to understand the problems they have faced with other systems. These needs have been met with SystmOne Child Health.

When new legislation or guidelines are brought in, or you need a new function to help meet your targets, TPP responds. So whether it’s the new Obesity Report or the latest immunisation programme, SystmOne Child Health supports you.

Because SystmOne Child Health integrates with the rest of the SystmOne suite, workload at the Child Health unit can be cut down. When a practice nurse enters a vaccination on a child’s record, that’s it — the Child Health unit doesn’t need to do it again. What’s more, the Child Health team can see the vaccination exactly as the GP or nurse entered it, avoiding any confusion.

The result is a secure, well-managed central information store, indispensable to administrators and clinicians alike. We’ll improve your information quality, free up your time and significantly reduce your paperwork burden.

As a child health or PCT administrator, you will be presented with vast amounts of population data from which you are required to process large numbers of patients through specific checks and clinics. Thanks to SystmOne Child Health, you are now able to access and use that data in a more meaningful way. Intelligent graphing and tracking features enable you to assess the progress of one child or a group of children. Auditing and decision-support tools allow you to project workloads and training requirements. SystmOne Child Health permits users to share information with other health professionals in different locations, for example between practice, PCT, school nurses and safeguarding children teams.

SystmOne Child Health is designed to streamline the processing of high volumes of patients through routine health checks and vaccinations. It will automatically flag up missed appointments and prevent any child from falling out of the system. It supports the use of vaccine batches for faster data entry.

Liaising with GP practices, Child Health units can increase the number of sessions at a treatment centre, and alter and amend those sessions as necessary to cope with demand.

This is one of SystmOne Child Health’s most important features, enabling your immunisation and health-check appointments to be generated automatically and kept fully up-to-date. SystmOne Child Health scheduling ensures that vaccinations and checks get done on time, according to practice availability and parental preference. Missed appointments are rescheduled by the system.

SystmOne Child Health removes the excessive administrative burden associated with child health care. No more drowning in paperwork, putting up with administrative duplications or omissions, or experiencing difficulties printing reports and schedules.

SystmOne Child Health presents you with easy-to-use, user-configurable Windows screens, so you can define views to suit your own personal requirements. Our highly flexible options make it easy for you to print as much or as little of a schedule as you want, or to print a variety of items such as birth labels and appointment cards. You can also customise and print your own standard letters, based on merged data. Moving children from one school or treatment centre to another is quick and easy with SystmOne Child Health’s bulk transfer options.

NN4B technology means that every morning, Child Health units receive an encrypted email from their local hospitals detailing the registration information and NHS numbers of babies born the previous day. SystmOne automatically uploads this information and creates a brand-new record for each new baby.

With SystmOne Child Health, concern over meeting targets becomes a thing of the past. Not only do we streamline your workload, we also make it easier for you to report on work completed. Since SystmOne Child Health plugs directly into the NHS Network backbone, you will see lightning-fast performance, every time.

Pre-designed and ad hoc reports can be run on any data item. It’s easy to track individual children, children in demographic groups or children with particular issues or conditions.

Please note: Any patient data shown on this website is ficticious and is displayed for example purposes only.