At TPP, we believe in a hands-on approach rather than textbook training. You will be able to get stuck into a variety of interesting projects from your very first day. With the more experienced developers there to help you at every stage, you are able to progress very quickly.

“This makes it much easier to learn abstract concepts – you get to see them in action.”

– Rafi, Cambridge University

You will be part of a team working on a real project providing a valuable contribution to the company from the very beginning of your career. Within just a few weeks of starting you will have worked on software which is used by 200,000 health professionals every day.

“Working on something that makes a real difference to patients’ care is very rewarding.”

– Alistair, Cambridge University


Having a hands on approach to training means that you will spend a lot of time with software developers one-to-one, as well as working with other teams across the company. There really is no faster and better way to learn. We also hold regular in-house presentations to reinforce what you’re learning as a developer.

“Help is on hand the minute you need it, which really gives you the confidence to work on interesting problems and learn new things.”

– Sam, Oxford University

We want you to benefit from continuous career progression. As you learn from those around you and gain more experience, you naturally take on new responsibilities. Before you know it, you will be one of the experienced team members helping train those around you and taking a fundamental role in projects!

“There are lots of opportunities to explain things to even newer developers, which is a great way of solidifying what you already know.”

– Blake, Warwick University


As your training progresses, you will receive continuous feedback from the developers who work with you. New developers are always being given invaluable advice on how to improve their code, and more formal feedback is given every three months in the form of a review.

“Everyone is really approachable and you quickly find that you are able to help people who started after you, which makes you realise how much you’re learning!”

– Rebecca, Oxford University