In the last month, TPP have hosted three healthcare delegations from China. The visits were arranged by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and Healthcare UK to showcase the work being done by the NHS.

The three delegations were made up of representatives from across China, covering a range of interests and expertise. The visitors spent time with the Department of Health, discussing NHS policies and models of care. The delegates also visited a number of healthcare settings, suppliers and educational institutions to see how these policies were implemented and how they have shaped clinical practice in the UK. The main themes of the delegations included how healthcare IT can facilitate the delivery of care, long term condition management, clinical training resources and the integration of primary and secondary care.

The first delegation took place from 25th – 28th February in London. It comprised of representatives from the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) and the China National Health Development Research Centre. The delegates spent a day with TPP staff learning about how IT can be used to improve the delivery of joined up care. After a series of presentations, the delegations visited West Road Surgery in Southend to see how SystmOne was being used to connect care and improve patient outcomes in the South Essex area.

Debbie Pang, Practice manager at the West Road surgery said,Integrated care is important as it allows access to the most up to date patient information in order to be able to make informed decisions in the management of a patient’s ongoing treatment or emergency care.

“TPP supports joined up care and the system helps speed up the delivery of patient information to the appropriate requester once consent has been established.”

The following week, two further Chinese delegations came to the UK. The first delegation was from the International Health Exchange and Cooperation Centre (IHECC), a think tank that advise the NHFPC in health policy. The second was a healthcare delegation from Shangdong and Tianjin. Both delegations attended the Health and Innovation Expo in Manchester where they visited the TPP stand to speak to staff and see demonstrations. Following the Expo, the IHECC delegation came to TPP’s office in Leeds where they had an office tour, a demonstration of TPP’s localised Chinese primary care module, and participated in a discussion about integrated care.

Carol Kang from IHECC said “We learned a lot and absolutely have a better understanding of TPP’s vision and capacity.”

On Thursday 6th March, TPP hosted the Shandong delegation for an afternoon in London. The delegation was made up of representatives from health bureaus, hospitals and educational institutes in Shandong province and Tianjin, and was led by Deputy Director of the Shandong Health Bureau, Xu Ying. Following a lunch in the House of Commons, hosted by Kenneth Clarke MP, the delegation spent time with staff from TPP discussing the use of SystmOne in the NHS, and how SystmInsight can be used in disease monitoring, reporting and analysis. TPP also organised a live telehealth session, via secure video link, with the telehealth hub at Airedale Hospital. Specialist nurses from Airedale explained how telehealth can be used to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, improve efficiencies and support patients with multiple long term conditions, in their own home or care home.

The delegations follow UKTI’s trade mission to China in January, led by Kenneth Clarke MP. During the trade mission, TPP signed an MOU with the Zhejiang Centre for Disease Control and continue to explore other opportunities in China.

Image: TPP staff and Chinese delegates visit West Road surgery