As of today, all services using SystmOne are now able to grant patients access to their Detailed Coded Record on SystmOnline.

When services enable this new functionality for patients, they will have access to all the coded data in their record recorded by that service. It does not include any free text associated with this data. This means organisations can now offer patient’s access to their Summary Care Record and their Detailed Coded Record, or Full Record (this is the Detailed Coded Record including free text).

This is one of a number of changes TPP has made to Online Services functionality on SystmOne and SystmOnline, complying with the Patient Facing Services GPSoC requirements issued by HSCIC. Detailed Coded Record access forms part of these changes, serving to meet current General Medical Services (GMS)/Personal Medical Services (PMS) regulations.

TPP is working in line with NHS England’s aim to provide patients with greater access to online services. NHS England will be hosting a series of Patient Online webinars from December 2015 through to March 2016, to support practices in implementing and getting the most from providing online services to patients.

A SystmOne practice was recently featured in Patient Online’s second Support and Resources Guide, explaining the benefits of patient record access with SystmOnline. View the feature here.

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