This survey invites you to evaluate the practice’s overall level of satisfaction with the deployment service provided during the recent software deployment.

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  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 = Completely Dissatisfied and 10 = Completely Satisfied), please rate the practice’s overall level of satisfaction with the quality of the service you have received from the supplier for this deployment in the box below.
  • When answering, please consider the following:

    Was there is a plan? Was it easy to understand? Did the supplier meet the agreed dates for the deployment?

    What was the quality of the training? Were the trainers knowledgeable?

    Did the supplier resolve any issues involved with the deployment?

    Did you have adequate contact with representatives from the supplier?

    How was the day of go-live? Did you have adequate support from the supplier on the day?

    The overall deployment service you have received from the supplier.

  • 1 (low)2345678910 (high)

  • Completely SatisfiedVery SatisfiedFairly SatisfiedDissatisfiedCompletely Dissatisfied
    The planning of the deployment?
    The training you received?
    The resolution of any issues you had?
    The communication you have had with the supplier?
    The ease of contacting the supplier?
    The quality of support you received?
    The go-live day?
  • Your CCG/CSU will contact the practice in 6 months’ time to discuss the quality of service received from supplier post go-live. They will ask you to confirm or update the score given above.

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