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Data Migration

Will we be without a clinical system for a week during cutover?

No, practices are individually assessed and we try to make the cutover time as short as possible. In many cases, it can be as short as two days. TPP are also able to use their years of experience to give practices a number of hints and tips on how to minimise their workload during the cutover period.

Will we lose any data during migration?

No, TPP transfer 100% of practice data during a migration on to SystmOne. TPP have an established and proven track record of accurate and complete data migration from all major clinical systems. The in-house data migration team at TPP have over 15 years of experience in migrating data over to SystmOne. They follow a rigorous process to ensure that all data is migrated accurately. No unit will go live on SystmOne until they have checked their data and confirmed that they are happy to sign it off.


What are the benefits of being cloud-based?

Healthcare services using SystmOne no longer need to worry about local server maintenance, nightly back-ups and software updates. All SystmOne data is held in a secure data centre accredited by the HSCIC. SystmOne has both a primary data centre and a secondary disaster recovery centre. TPP centrally manages all upgrades and maintenance remotely, allowing NHS staff to focus on patient care and managing their organisation effectively. One of the major benefits of using a centrally hosted solution is that all records are stored on a central server. So if your building is destroyed, burgled or is inaccessible for any reason, the patient data is always safe and instantly available.

Can you connect to SystmOne remotely?

Yes. All SystmOne modules can be used remotely on a laptop, tablet or home PC; all that is needed is a wired connection to N3 or a wireless connection via a secure VPN token. In addition, TPP provide a mobile solution for Windows, allowing seamless online/offline working on the move. This is currently available for our GP, community and palliative modules and uses a standard internet connection. Mobile Working provides the same functionality you would be able to access on the normal system, rather than only limited, stripped down tools, saving staff time and enabling them to work as efficiently away from base as they do at their organisation. We are currently developing mobile solutions for Android and iOS.

Is performance and availability a common problem with hosted systems?

No, not with SystmOne. As SystmOne has always been centrally hosted, performance and availability are key to our core operation and are our highest priorities. Both our performance and availability are subject to very strict service level agreements set out by HSCIC. We continually streamline our processes to ensure that our users receive a fast and reliable system. TPP is contracted to provide 99% service availability all of the time. Availability statistics which illustrate this can be found on the following website:


How is SystmOne developed? Do we get a say?

TPP continuously develops SystmOne in line with end user needs and national initiatives. All of our users play a major role in shaping how the system works. Users are encouraged to suggest system improvements by logging development suggestions through the SystmOne development screen. TPP staff also attend events, demonstrations and training sessions to obtain user feedback on future system developments. TPP have a dedicated team of software engineers who work solely on functionality to enhance the system. These requests are implemented each month to make sure we remain responsive to our users. The SystmOne National User Group (SNUG) is an independent organisation that works with TPP to provide a voice for our users. SystmOne users are encouraged to get involved with the SNUG, or contribute to other local user groups, in order to share best practice and make suggestions for future developments.

Can you tell me more about SystmOne?

SystmOne is a fully integrated, cloud-based clinical system, developed and supported by TPP, who are committed to delivering the NHS vision of joined up healthcare. SystmOne has been continuously developed with substantial clinician input and has been operational as a single, remotely managed solution for over 15 years. It is currently in use by over 2,500 GP practices and has also been deployed by over 50 regions for Child Health and Community Services. SystmOne currently hosts over 35 million patient records (that’s around half the population of the UK) and has over 200,000 users. This makes SystmOne the most proven and mature hosted system available on the market today.


How long does a train the trainer course last?

Core TtT 5 Days
 Community 4 Days
 GP 5 Days
 Prison 4 Days
 Palliative Care 4 Days
 Child Health 3 Days
 Minor Injuries Unit 3 Days
 Out of Hours 3 Days
 Call Centre 1 Day
 Community Hospital 5 Days (8 Days inc. e-Prescribing)
e-Prescribing 3 days
Mental Health 5 days (8 Days inc. e-Prescribing)

What is the cost of a TPP training day?

A training costs a total of £621.66+VAT per day. A regular training day takes place from 10am-4pm .