TPP currently works with over 80 different companies in our SystmOne Partner Scheme, with more currently in development.

AAH PharmaceuticalsAAH Pharmaceuticals is the UK’s leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services to pharmacies, hospitals and doctors. A partnership with SystmOne means users can order dispensary stock electronically from AAH through SystmOne – giving the customer clear visibility of the order and increasing efficiency.
AdastraAdastra’s external software links in with SystmOne, providing a highly specialist case management, data distribution and clinical application to 95% of UK unscheduled primary care operational hubs and nearly half of the UK’s walk-in centres.
Alliance HealthcareAlliance Healthcare (formerly Unichem) distributes pharmaceutical medical and healthcare products in the UK. A partnership with SystmOne and Alliance Healthcare means users can order dispensary stock electronically through SystmOne – providing clear visibility of the order and increasing efficiency.
ARXFor the past 15 years, ARX have been dedicated to providing the best possible automation solutions for their customers. They are the UK’s leading provider of medical automation solutions, through offering market leading products with the highest possible levels of service. They specialise in providing automated storage and retrieval solutions for all your medical needs, and for part or all of your supply chain. Through integration with SystmOne, dispensing sites can fully take advantage of the benefits ARX solutions can offer.
BrotherBrother is a leading provider of printing technology and has more than 25 years’ experience in healthcare. Brother has worked to develop the right printing products to help save time, leaving staff to spend time on what they do best, patient care.
CareFusionCarefusion’s Spirometry PC Software (SPCS) links with SystmOne to allow quick and efficient testing of patients for lung function tests. The patient’s demographic details are pulled from SystmOne into SPCS and once the testing is complete the results are sent back to SystmOne. Please contact our UK business partner Williams Medical Supplies for further information.
CrescendoCrescendo provide Digital Dictation, Voice Recognition & Referral Management solutions to tens of thousands of NHS users. As an approved partner of TPP for over 4 years, our seamless integration with SystmOne ensures the correct labelling of patient demographics into every dictation header which speeds up the dictation process and eliminates typing errors. Each time the dictation is edited or transcribed, the corresponding patient records is automatically loaded in SystmOne ensuring the correct patient is selected every time.

Crescendo’s fully integrated Voice Recognition solution allows Doctors to voice activate SystmOne to navigate around the patient screens and speak their consultation notes rather than typing them. Speed and accuracy is improved all round, even when creating emails and searching the web. Medical terminology and drug names are built in to eliminate spelling errors. To extend the benefits of digital dictation even further by voice recognising the doctors dictation prior to transcription. Now all the secretary has to do is correct a minor mistake rather than type each referral from scratch.

With our built in Referral Management and reporting module you can easily track, analyse and control your secondary care referrals whilst saving clinicians and support staff time and improving your document turnaround times by up to 40%.
DXS Point of CareDXS Point-Of-Care provides CCGs with a common communication platform across the clinical systems in their area to deliver their recommended local content to practices in their locality. This enables the CCG to present their care pathways with links to appropriate auto-populating referral forms, treatment guidance, appropriate medicines, CCG directory of services and patient advice to their healthcare professionals within the workflow of their patient record system. The system is fully auditable providing valuable business insight and is designed to save on valuable clinician time, streamline the patient journey and improve quality, efficiency and outcomes.
EasyLabellerEasyLabeller is a low cost label printing system that prints at the press of a key. Labels are ready populated with the patient data from SystmOne. Example uses are labels for pathology, X-ray and cytology forms as well as specimen bottles. Patient appointment cards can also be printed. EasyLabeller saves time and cuts down on errors.
Hearst Health International Hearst Health International is proud to be a partner of TPP. The mission of Hearst Health International is to guide the most important care moments by delivering vital information into the hands of everyone who touches a person’s health journey. Hearst Health International offers independent, unbiased, and evidence-based care guidance solutions for supporting safe medication decisions, directing the ideal patient journey, driving high-quality clinical performance, and developing and implementing informed care strategies.

In the UK, SystmOne is integrated with FDB Multilex, FDB OptimiseRx and Map Referrals, and in the Middle East/International with FDB MedKnowledge:

• FDB Multilex (FDB Medknowledge) provides active medication decision guidance for safer prescribing and dispensing

• FDB OptimiseRx delivers patient-specific prescribing guidance for medicines optimisation.

• Map Referrals illuminates relevant local care pathways and helps to streamline the referral process.
InchwareInchware have developed Pocket SystmOne which gives healthcare professionals access to SystmOne patient records in order to enhance efficiencies within the GP surgery. Pocket SystmOne provides quick access to the right information at the right time, streamlining once paper-based activities such as mobilising patient records for home visits to preparing third party reports, including automatic highlighting/redaction of third-party references. All data handled within Pocket SystmOne is secured with 256-bit AES encryption at all times.
Indigo4Indigo4 provides software enabling SystmOne units who are linked to a pathology lab to take advantage of integrated electronic pathology test requesting. Requests can be made and tracked easily within SystmOne which reduces scope for human error.
InhealthcareInhealthcare is a digital health company that helps patients manage their health better at home. Our services can reach over 99% of the population, including those patients with no access to the Internet or a mobile phone. Inhealthcare’s partnership with SystmOne means that clinicians can now enable patient monitoring directly from within SystmOne, and patient readings can be uploaded directly into the patient’s SystmOne record. Inhealthcare offer a wide range of patient services, from simple vital signs monitoring, to stroke prevention and chronic pain management.
INRStarINRstar N3 assists healthcare professionals with the control and management of anticoagulation patients across a variety of service delivery models.

INRstar N3 is the latest, fully compliant version of the software hosted centrally on the NHS N3 Network and includes all the best features of INRstar Practice and Intranet Editions. Specifically designed to be more flexible and responsive to service provider requirements, INRstar N3 allows users to manage and review patients on the newer oral anticoagulants (NOACs) as well as warfarin and dalteparin.

The software is fully compliant with all relevant UK and EU regulations and has an accredited interface to SystmOne.

The certified clinical system interface saves time and reduces the risk of data entry error by enabling users to: Add a new patient to INRstar, pulling the patient’s demographic details from SystmOne and then Save the patient's INR treatment information back into the corresponding patient record.
IsabelIsabel Healthcare is the world leader in diagnosis decision support systems. Using the clinical features the clinician has already entered in SystmOne, its integrated web based support tool instantly provides clinicians with a checklist of likely diagnoses to consider. Each diagnosis is linked to knowledge to help with further consideration. The Isabel tool helps practices improve the quality of diagnosis and referral decision making. In trials Isabel has been shown to help reduce referrals by 29% and improve the appropriateness of referrals by 36%. Other studies have shown that clinicians who use Isabel improve their diagnostic accuracy by over 20%.
iPlato & myGP™In a nutshell, the iPLATO service (also resold by EE, part of the BT Group, and is the UK's most advanced digital communications company) improves health outcomes and transforms access to primary care.

iPLATO, is an IGSoC compliant web-based service that is securely hosted within N3. The platform uses the NFC8 Tier 1 NHS approved UK Government procured gateway to combine safety and security with the lowest transaction costs in the market.

iPLATO includes a Patient Facing Service called myGP, developed under the nationally funded GPSoC Lot 1 (free for patients, practices and CCGs). This ‘must-have’ healthcare app helps GP practices comply with national guidelines for online patient services, whilst offering specific improvements in automated data collection, streamlined call and recall, and improved medication management that support digital care plans.

The iPLATO solution supports true ‘2-Way’ text messaging to allow GP patients to cancel unwanted appointments through reply SMS (in response to an automated appointment reminder) or through myGP. This allows GP practices to systematically free up urgent GP appointments, thereby, improving access and reducing pressure on local A&E. The service also includes a sophisticated Campaign Read Coding feature too.

iPLATO brings four proven benefits:
1. Digital solutions to improve access to primary care and reduce pressure on A&E
2. Intelligent insight to implement long-lasting improvements
3. Healthcare initiatives that increase patient engagement and inclusion
4. Digital tools for long-term conditions to improve patient outcomes and experience
JAYEXEnlighten E4 Patient Self Service
E4 has full rollout approval via a GPSoC pairing to review & capture patient contact and demographic details as part of the patient self-check-in process. Changes are notified to admin in real time and file back into the SystmOne record.
Patient Call LED
Integrated to SystmOne, the Jayex original LED call display provides fast, reliable calling to the waiting room. Doctors save significant time in calling patients, whilst reducing confusion as to who is being called.
Patient Call Digital Media
MediaCall is integrated to SystmOne and uses digital signage technology to create dynamic speech, clear colours, videos and posters to support practice and public health messages with mixed local and central management. Patient messaging can be targeted via the MedExtranet resource library, with direct access to NHS Choices videos & Public Health England campaign content.
Enlighten E4 Patient Surveys
E4 surveys modules allow you to capture patient data as part of the self-check-in process and use the same platform to capture anonymised patient experience, FFT & outcomes data on touch screens, tablets, PCs & smart phones. The multiplatform approach supports centralised and local initiatives to standardise results and improve patient experience.
L2S2 MedicalL2S2 Medical specialise in the design and manufacture of products that allow clinicians and nurses to provide safe, expert care in NHS hospitals, independent clinics, GP practices and home treatment. Integration with SystmOne allows L2S2’s specialist triage tools to be pre-populated with patient information and to put Read codes and treatment summaries back into the record.
LabelTraceLabelTrace is an easy-to-use labelling system which operates directly from SystmOne to print many styles of labels and forms, including pathology, address and recall labels, eliminating the need to fill these in by hand.

A range of printers are supported, including Zebra, Brother and Dymo printers as well as any standard Windows printer. The LabelTrace appointment card system similarly works directly from the Systmone appointment book to produce crisp, legible appointment cards which enhance the professional image of the practice with no additional effort.
LEDsynergyLEDsynergy (formerly PolyComp) is a market leader in Electronic LED Message Display Systems. Their range includes single, bi-line and multi-line displays, clocks, counters, scoreboards, exchange rate and full colour graphic boards. LEDsynergy display boards linked to SystmOne provide useful patient call information in the reception or waiting room area.
LexacomLexacom’s digital dictation software Lexacom 3 is designed to help you lighten the workload, improve efficiency, accuracy and patient safety.

Lexacom 3, is the ideal solution for organisations including GP Practices, Federations, CCGs, NHS Trusts and specialist providers. Lexacom 3 can be configured specifically for any organisational structure’s requirements and integrating Lexacom Echo, our Speech Recognition software, Lexacom Mobile, Outsourced Transcription and Print to Post services we can provide a complete end to end workflow solution. With the use of our secure cloud technology, Lexacom users can work as a team and share work across branches or multiple sites.

Approved by TPP, Lexacom 3 allows users to tag the dictation with accurate patient information from SystmOne. Core details including patient name and NHS number will allow clinicians to easily identify the relevant consultation and enables a more integrated way of working.
F. Maltby & Sons LtdF. Maltby & Sons Ltd is a totally independent, full line pharmaceutical company, operating from a single depot in Lincoln. SystmOne users can order dispensary stock eletronically from Maltbys through the system, providing better efficiency and clear visibility of the order.
Map of MedicineMap of Medicine is an online clinical knowledge resource that provides specialist level information to healthcare professionals across all settings. A simple right click from SystmOne leads clinicians to the map, providing a shared vision of the patient journey. It supplies online access during consultations to comprehensive, current, evidence-based medicine in an easy to use visual format.
MDI SolutionsMDI Solutions helps Trusts convert Clinical Correspondence for ICE which is then made directly available in TPP System One. These processes are supporting 100s of GP Practices that roll up to Royal Derby Foundation Trust, Warrington & Halton Hills, Basildon & Thurrock, Chesterfield.

Core to the solution is MD Link which is a flexible middle ware supporting hospitals & vendors for use cases ranging from bi-directional lab interfaces, radiology interfaces/ DICOM Broker & document conversion.
MedvivoMedvivo's ‘Surgery Pod’ allows patients to take routine tests and perform questionnaires without the need for a clinical appointment. The results from the Surgery Pod then automatically populate into the patients record on SystmOne.
MHRAMHRA’s Yellow Card service allows adverse drug reactions to be recorded from within SystmOne, without the need to be redirected to a URL.
MIT Dynamic TechnologiesMIT Provide a Bi-Directional SMS Gateway, called MiSMS, that integrates seamlessly into the TPP SystmOne Patient booking system to give appointment reminders via SMS text message, and process confirmations and cancellations automatically.

The use of this solution reduces DNA’s significantly, allowing valuable appointment schedules to be automatically re-allocated to other patients, whilst all messages and replies are logged without any patient details being recorded in order to ensure security and data protection.

This solution is not reliant on the NHS.NET email service, and utilises a local GSM module and SIM Card to enable the sending and receiving of SMS notifications without any additional costs to the practice*, and automates de-scheduling within SystmOne when patients cancel their appointments by replying to the text messages they receive.

*Subject to your mobile contract
MJogMJog provides advanced patient communications that deliver appointment reminders, recalls and health campaign messages automatically via SMS, voice or email, and allows patients to automatically cancel appointments reducing DNA rates by up to 50 per cent.

The service can help to achieve QOF and DES targets, increase patient awareness of your services and improve clinic attendance through Health Campaign Manager using customisable, and pre-configured chronic disease message templates. Offering a variety of services to practices, MJog’s Patient Messaging Services include unlimited two way free reminder and campaign text messages, using NHS Mail.

All patient communications and responses are reported back automatically into SystmOne using Read Codes.
NHS MailIntegration with NHS mail allows SystmOne users to send text messages to patients for free. Messages can be sent to individual patients or to a certain group using quick actions within the system.
NUMEDIntegrated ECG Systems
Numed Healthcare supply and support a range of desktop, trolley and PC based 12 Lead ECG systems that integrate seamlessly with SystmOne through their innovative I3 (Intelligent Integration Interface) software. The patient’s details are automatically extracted from SystmOne and entered into the ECG software at the start of the test. On completion of the ECG test, a standard ECG Read code and high quality ECG report (PDF format) are automatically filed back to the patient’s medical record with a single button click. 12 Lead ECG tests could not be safer, faster, easier or better quality.

Integrated Spirometry Systems
SpiroConnect is a PC based spirometer that integrates seamlessly with SystmOne through Numed’s innovative I3 (Intelligent Integration Interface) software. With its patented vertical turbine, this new and improved turbine spirometer is more sensitive to the low flow rates seen in COPD and Asthma patients. It is also the most comprehensively integrated with SystmOne. The patient’s details are automatically entered into the SpiroConnect software from SystmOne at the start of the test. On test completion up to 40 user selectable Spirometry, Asthma and COPD Read codes and a spirometry report (PDF format) are filed into the patient’s SystmOne medical record with a single button click. Spirometry tests could not be safer, faster, easier or more accurate.

Integrated Ambulatory Blood Pressure (ABPM) Systems
Mobil-O-Graph is an ABPM that integrates seamlessly with SystmOne through Numed’s I3 (Intelligent Integration Interface) software. Mobil-O-Graph has achieved the highest possible A/A grade for accuracy from The British Hypertension Society. It has an ‘intelligent cuff inflation’ protocol which is extremely comfortable and quiet for the patient, resulting in significantly improved test compliance. The patient’s details are automatically extracted from SystmOne and entered into the ABPM software when setting up the recorder. On completion of the test, up to 6 user selectable blood pressure Read codes and a detailed A4 hypertension report (PDF format) are automatically filed back to the patient’s SystmOne medical record with a single button click. ABPM tests could not be simpler, faster, easier or more accurate.

Integrated Waiting Room Health Media and Patient Call Systems
Envisage is an advanced waiting room media and optional patient call system that is fully integrated with SystmOne. Quick and simple to use, Envisage allows you to communicate health awareness and practice information messages to your patients on a TV screen whilst they wait for their appointment. An extensive library of high quality content is provided by Numed through You can also quickly and simply schedule any NHS Choices media (approx. 900 articles) using the Envisage NHS Choices Application, and create your own practice specific media using PowerPoint. Envisage is supplied with a 3 year warranty, is installed with absolutely no hidden costs and is backed up by Numed’s outstanding support service called MediServe. Transform your patient waiting area with Envisage from Numed Healthcare.

Call: 0114 2433896
OdysseyOdyssey software is a triage tool to initially assess the urgency of a patient when they attend urgent care. Details of the SystmOne A&E attendance are passed to Odyssey. The decision support tools available in Odyssey allow the urgency of the patient to be determined, the urgency is then immediately updated on the A&E attendance in SystmOne.
PSUKPractice Services UK (PSUK) is a wholly owned subsidiary of PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution, which provides a wide range of services and advice to General Practice, Family Planning Services, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other Healthcare providers. A close working relationship with SystmOne helps our shared users to deliver effective and efficient care to patients and maximise cost effectiveness of prescribing.
PHOENIX HealthcarePHOENIX Healthcare Distribution is one of the UK’s major pharmaceutical and medical consumable suppliers to General Practice, Hospital, Pharmacy, Family Planning Services and other Healthcare providers. A strong link between SystmOne and PHOENIX means users can order product electronically through the system, providing better efficiency and clear visibility of the order.
Pukka-jPukka-j offers a complete range of healthcare imaging and reporting solutions covering every aspect of diagnostic case management for radiology, cardiology, molecular imaging and radiotherapy across both acute and community service healthcare providers.

With highly customisable, enterprise-wide to departmental solutions, our ability to listen to our customers needs, keep abreast of technology trends, and to think outside the box have all been key to our product development. Pukka-j prides itself on the ability to tailor its solutions precisely to meet the needs of each healthcare provider.
ScriptSwitchScriptSwitch ®, from Optum ®, is the UK’s leading primary care prescribing support tool.
It is used in thousands of GP practices across the UK, and has been helping to improve patient care and deliver best practice prescribing for more than 10 years.

ScriptSwitch is approved for use in nearly two-thirds of NHS organisations and in 2014-15 helped save over £40 million. It delivered over 11 million cost-savings prescription switch message recommendations and over 28 million prescribing recommendations to improve the safety and quality of prescribing.

Comprised of three key elements, a content management tool, a prescriber message delivery system and an analytic data reporting system, ScriptSwitch is the comprehensive market leader in prescribing support, helping to provide succinct prescribing recommendations, based on local guidance and national recommendations, for healthcare workers at the point of prescribing.

A content management tool enables medicines management teams to author local prescribing recommendations more efficiently.

The justification for recommendations can be based upon any criteria deemed relevant by the local medicines management team, such as safety notices, clinical evidence or cost effectiveness. Recommendations may contain hyperlinks to resources such as clinical data, patient information leaflets, national guidelines or formulary lists and can be quickly and easily added, edited and disseminated to all prescribers within hours of CCG approval.

For more information on ScriptSwitch visit our website, or contact Optum on 020 7121 0560 or by email

secaThe integration with seca’s wireless scales software allows weight and height measurements to be wirelessly transmitted directly into the patient record within SystmOne. The software is compatible with all Seca 360 wireless scales and height measures.
StoppStartCSIS Ltd has developed, StoppStart™, a decision support software which identifies elderly patients on potential inappropriate medications, which can lead to hospital admissions due to adverse drug events. StoppStart™ software was developed by CSIS’s R&D team in collaboration with University College Cork and Cork University Hospital, where the STOPP/START criteria were drafted and refined by Consultant Geriatrician, Dr Denis O’Mahony, and his team.

CSIS has commercial links with University College Cork. Dr Denis O’Mahany and his team have worked closely with CSIS in developing StoppStart™, which applies the STOPP/START criteria. StoppStart™ Analytics provides retrospective analytics for GPs and CCGs.
SunquestSunquest software (formerly Anglia ICE) integrates with SystmOne to allow users linked to a pathology lab to electronically request pathology tests. Requests can be made and easily tracked within SystmOne, reducing scope for human error.
TECHNIDATATechnidata’s integrated electronic requesting solution for pathology allows users on SystmOne to request tests and access results online easily.

With over 40 years’ experience in the field of laboratory management, Technidata is the largest worldwide supplier of Laboratory Information Systems.

Developed in full compliance with the ISO 9001/ISO 13485 quality standards, Technidata’s solutions are distributed in more than 25 countries worldwide. They address the needs of organisations ranging from single-discipline laboratories to large multi-disciplinary institutions, and cover all the clinical laboratory disciplines: Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Serology, Virology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Cytology, Genetics, Blood Banking, and Biobanking.
TeleMedic SystemsTeleMedic Systems (TMS) pioneers the integration of medical tools and information technology. Their vital signs monitor, VitalLink3, is integrated with SystmOne to automatically populate the SystmOne record with particular numerics. The monitor can link up with ECG machines and spirometry devices to input the relevant data in SystmOne.
The Computer RoomTCR provide health informatics solutions for the primary care sector. This integrated solution transfers third party NHS Health Checks records into SystmOne. The software integrates seamlessly with TCR’s existing solutions or functions as a small standalone system tray application. No coding is required by the practices.
TomTom WebfleetTomTom Business Solutions are world leaders in bringing efficiency to commercial fleets. We help over 27,000 customers with over 330,000 vehicles maximise efficiency every day. TomTom WEBFLEET gives you the visibility you need to maintain control of your vehicles and drivers, whilst cutting cost, improving productivity, boosting customer service, complying with legislation and reducing carbon footprint through monitoring driver behaviour.

WEBFLEET.connect enables you to integrate with existing and back office systems helping you customise your operation for maximum performance. This helps you run greener, safer and more efficient vehicles, and gives you a great return on investment.
VitalographVitalograph Spirotrac is a Microsoft Windows based computerised Spirometry system that is intended for use as a lung function testing application in conjunction with Vitalograph Spirometry devices. The integration with SystmOne allows the patient’s demographic information to be pulled from SystmOne into Spirotrac. The results recorded in Spirotrac are then transferred back in to the SystmOne patient record.
Voice ConnectVoice Connect Patient Partner is a system that compliments SystmOne by allowing patients to book, cancel, check or change their appointments around the clock using their telephone, easing congestion in the reception area and managing telephone access to the practice.